Meeting: Tuesday, Feb 15, 2000

I. Review WBC

II. Creation of Pert Chart. Matt downloaded a trial version of MS Project that will last 90 days, hopefully the length of the project. We used the WBC from Saturday to create a Pert chart that maps the time restraints and dependencies of different parts of the project. Our time estimates gave us an ending date of May 5, 2000.

III. Creation of GANTT Chart, Assignment of Resources. The information we entered to create the Pert Chart was tracked by project, so we were able to create a GANTT chart pretty easily. We made up assignments of who will work on what, since we plan to do the real task breakdown on Saturday. Printing was the biggest problem but we managed to glue something together to turn in on Thursday.

IV. Administrativa. Chris McCue was absent. Alicia will be absent on Saturday.
Agenda for Saturday, Feb 19: -Revise contract with suggestions from Stotts. -Assign coding responsibilities, -Write user manual.