Meeting: Saturday, Feb 19,2000

I. Revising of Contract. Text describing what happened goes here

II. Tutorial by Chris D. on the MFC.

III. Revision of WBC and assignment of coding responsibilities.

IV. Wrote index to user manual. Finer details of individual sections will be the responsibility of the programmers working on that sections. Most programming tasks will be done in pairs.

V. Scanned in the Pert Chart for web page. The scanned image looks pretty crappy, but we couldn't find a way to make an image out of the chart that we could display directly on the web.

VI. Administrativa. Group meetings will continue to be held on Tuesdays at 6pm. and Saturdays at 1pm.
Meeting with Client on Tuesday at 3:15 Chris McCue has offered Anselmo several times for a Tuesday meeting, but has mentioned that right after class is best for the most people in the team. Still up for debate.
Agenda for Tuesday, Feb 22: TBA
Agenda for Saturday, Feb 26: TBA