Meeting: Tuesday, February 29, 2000

I. User Manual Notes. Everyone is done with their sections. Alicia should collect them from the audio/userman/ folder and do some editing. Goal: completely web-based. Make sure it's consistent.

II. Segment View Changes. We need to change to segment naming convention to include a time stamp, to solve the "no movement" problem. We proposed this to Anselmo at the meeting with him this morning, and he approves. See notes from meeting w/ Anselmo for details.

III. Agenda for Saturday. We are preparing for our first semester presentation. Topics will include i) What's the problem? and ii) What is our approach to the problem? The presentation group will be Matt, Eric, and Alicia.

IV. Fix for the Combo Box!! We found the source of the combo- box mystery. Programming ensued and it works now.