Client Meeting: Tuesday, February 29, 2000

I. Time Stamp on Seg View Names. The preference ordering will be more meaningful if we have time stamps next to the clips to distinguish them. Otherwise a re-ordering of the list would appear to have no effect, since the position of the clip *and* the name of the clip would change.
New naming convention should be:


This name will persist in the Segment View only, and be seen by the user who is recording the WAVs. When the WAVs are exported they will be saved with the naming convention


This name will be seen by the video producer, who is using the prerecorded WAV files that our product has produced.

II. Importing WAVs. This functionality is being struck from the project by the client, who deems it unnecessary. Anselmo suggests that all recording will be done in one sitting.

III. Test Meeting w/ user Mary Whitton. Anselmo also suggests that we include Mary in our testing process, or earlier, since she will be the primary user of the product.