Meeting: Tuesday, March 21, 2000

I. Look at coding schedule and give specific assignments. Chris D. created a task list that's on the web now, but we hadn't assigned people to these tasks. We got small (1-2p.) groups together to tackle the coding tasks we have left. Most assignments are in the Clip View at this point. Much of the functionality has been implemented already by Chris D., but there are still significant coding jobs for the rest of us.
Tasks in progress: Audio View- gray out VU meter when out of focus (AT, CD) meaningful icons for player buttons (CM) Clip View- demote, promote functionality (CM, JJ) file serialization during export (AT) segment tabs need 'recorded' icons (ES) Seg View- indent the text (JJ) Proj View- WAV export details (MW, ES)

II. Scheduling Questions We're cancelling the large group meeting for Saturday in favor of independent small-group sessions for coding. Meeting times are up to individual groups.

Agenda for Saturday, Mar. 25: Cancelled.

Agenda for Tuesday, Mar. 28: TBA.