Group Meeting: Tuesday, March 28, 2000

I. Coding Updates From Small Groups
i) Chris M. and Jaime: Chris put the play-function icons up.
ii) Matt & Eric: Working on the export WAV's task. Problems include enabling a browse function when saving to a particular file. Solution seems to be subclassing the MFC SaveAs box. Will require significant rewrites of functionality. NOTE: new issue: we should put in tool tips for the buttons that currently have icons on them.
iii)Alicia and Chris D.: Gray out VU Meter task- we decided to close this task b/c the tradeoff of time vs. result would be minimal. NEW ISSUE: we did discover an additional bug in the Segment view display- the font changes are shared among projects, so changes in one window have wierd results in other open windows. Probably low priority b/c multiple windows are in fact unlikely to be open. File Serialization Task- We put 2 hrs. into getting Alicia started on Sat. She is currently working on finishing this assignment.

II. Schedule Review: We reviewed our schedule for the next 5 weeks and determined current status including time for testing and final presentation. Current limiting function is file serialization. Current task list is largely devoted to the Implementation Manual.

Agenda for Saturday, April 1: compile tech manual from sections written in individual assignments.
Agenda for Tuesday, April 3: TBA.