Group Meeting: Saturday, April 15, 2000

I. Tip of the Day
Matt and Eric are collecting tips, everyone should send email to them as they think of possible tips.

II. Revised scheduling for some tasks
Alicia's code, user manual revision, testing, final presentation

III. Final package planning
Everybody keep the weekend of 4/28-29 available, so we can put together the final product package and end-of-semester papers.

IV. Volume equalization
Nearly finished, some discussions about what value to use (decided upon RMS, because its value is always positive and it gives a better idea of the mean of the amplitude of the signal).

V. Known bugs
There is a small bug with the way that the icon bar is drawing, the font stuff doesn't quite work, and 16-bit recording is still nonfunctional...

VI. Testing
Everyone should be testing the product right now.

VII. Meeting with client
Scheduled a meeting on Tuesday with Anselmo and possibly Mary Whitton.

VIII. Installation
Chris D. is going to look into InstallShield, otherwise we'll distribute it as a ZIP file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Code freeze next Saturday 4/22