Clip Management

Once a recording is terminated, the recorded segment will appear in the Clip View, located in the upper right corner of the project window. The Clip View displays all recordings for the active segment. Each clip is distinguished by a timestamp that indicates its length and when it was recorded:

Selecting a Clip

Selecting a clip is made easy by using the mouse. Simply click on the appropriate entry in the list box.

Reordering Clips by Preference

If multiple clips are recorded for a single segment, the user can rearrange the clips according to his or her preference (the best clip at top). After selecting a clip, the user can move the clip to a different location using the up and down buttons located to the right of the clips.

Deleting Clips

At the bottom of the window there is a delete button which can be used to permanently get rid of any clips that are not desired. Simply select the appropriate clip and press Delete.