Exporting WAVs

The audio clips for your VoiceOverEZ project are stored in the VoiceOverEZ project file. To make your audio clips available as .WAV files you will need to export them.

Selecting the "Export WAVs..." item from the File menu will bring up this dialog box:

The user should first select a directory into which the WAV files will be placed. This directory can either be entered directly or selected using the "Browse" button, which will bring up this dialog:

Each audio clip will be named according to the segment it came from, its position in the Clip View (representing order of preference), and the first few words of the segment text.

File export options

Two options are also available that affect the sound in the exported WAV files:

When the user checks the Volume Equalization option, the volume of each sound clip will be raised or lowered as needed to reach the mean volume of all clips. This can prevent some clips from being much louder or much softer than the others.

The Noise Suppression option helps to filter out any static that may be present in the recorded WAV files. It is essentially a low-pass filter, and the user can select the maximum frequency that will be kept (8000 Hz is the default). Note that in recordings without much static, this option can reduce the quality of the original.