Program Layout

The application window is divided into two parts: the menu bar and the project window. The project window is further divided into three parts, the audio view, segment view, and clip view.

These four areas are illustrated on the image below. Click any of them for more information about their functionality:

Menu bar Audio view Segment view Clip view

A  -  The menu bar. From here the user can perform tasks such as creating a new project, saving a project, exporting WAV files, and exiting the program. In addition, the menu bar can be used to access the help system.

B  -  The audio view. The Play, Record, Stop and Cancel buttons are found here, as well as controls to change the recording source and format.

C  -  The segment view. The text of the segment currently being recorded is displayed here. Other segments can be viewed by clicking on their respective tabs at the bottom of the view. Note that red tabs signify segments for which no clips have yet been recorded.

D  -  The clip view. The listbox here displays information about any clips that have been recorded for the active segment. From here clips can be selected for playback, reordered by the user's personal prefereence, or deleted.