Quick Start

Users who are already familiar with windows applications will be able to start recording sound files with very little introduction. The first time a user opens the Voice-Over EZ application, he will see the blank project window.

Blank project window

To open a new project, the user should open the File menu and select "New." The window that pops up is the "Choose Script" dialog. Each Voice-Over EZ project is based on a script containing segments of text to be recorded. The user may browse for a script file or enter the filename directly.

Once a script is open, the user will see the project window, including recording controls and a set of tabs indicating the segments of script to be recorded. The text for the first segment of the script will be displayed below the recording controls. To begin recording audio files, simply click the "Record" button (the red circle). When finished recording, click "Stop" (the black square) and the recording is saved as a WAV file and displayed in the listbox to the right of the audio controls.

Loading the Script

Each Voice-Over EZ project is based on a script. A script is simply an ASCII text file that has been broken into short segments for reading and recording individually. The author of the script will most likely be the person who has written the storyboard for an accompanying video.

In order to create a script, simply insert blank lines between sections of text that should be interpreted as different segments. As an example, consider the script file shown below:

Sample script

This script is divided into four segments, as determined by the blank lines in the text file. When this script is opened, Voice-Over EZ will look like this:

Sample initial view

Notice that there are four tabs at the bottom, corresponding to the four segments in the script. Voice-Over EZ will display one segment at a time in the text window.