1st Edition


Contractor Team Members


Eric Edge

Dan Sarisky

Joseph Vu

Eric Whitney




Laura Duggan




David Stotts



Project Summary


The purpose of the TikTok project is to provide a web-based time clock for the student-employees of the UNC Computer Science Department. The format consists of a simple web form that lists the student employee's name, in/out status and a field where they can enter their current location. It will utilize ODBC technology as a standard so that future implementations are compatible. 


In addition to these features, this package may include authentication by querying users’ NT or UNIX passwords over an encrypted connection, and ideally, users will be able to modify their own data but not other users’.


Contractor Obligations


We are the contractor.  We’ll need to to think of obligations for us besides the ones listed.


Primary Requirements


1)    Web based administration so that the administrator could add/delete users names and override data entries.


2)    Notification of failure to check in or out.


3)    Printable text log.


Secondary Requirements


1)    Logging ability - track who made what changes, the machine they logged in from.


2)    Printable HTML logging reports.


3)    Use of NT/Unix passwords and an encrypted connection for authentication purposes.


Client Obligations


1)    To provide software resources.


2)    To provide access to passwords and encrypted connection if that means authentication is to be used.


3)    Access to space on HTTP server.








May not be able to get at NT/UNIX passwords

May not be able to do an encrypted connection.

May not have enough money to buy a software package which would require a scaled down version using CGI/Java.









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