The TikTok Weekly Reports


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Weekly Report 1

Tuesday February 2

We were assigned to groups in class today, and met afterwards for approximately 20 minutes. Administrative tasks were dealt with, notably email addresses and weekly schedules that people could meet. Eric Edge was appointed producer, and Dan the Technical Director. Joe and Eric Whitney agreed to get the web page off of the ground. Some possible tool suites were discussed, and Dan and Joe agreed to do some research to determine the best course of action.

Wednesday February 3

Eric scheduled a meeting with the client for next Thursday because she was going to be out of town until then. Dan and Joe submitted preliminary reports on the viability of Cold Fusion and Drumbeat for our needs.

Thursday February 4

We met for a few minutes after a shortened Comp 145 class. Eric Edge was to get a preliminary contract out to all of us by Saturday night, and we were to reply with suggestions by Sunday night.

Saturday February 6

Eric sent the preliminary contract to the other team members, and asked for feedback. The Boss was queried on the use of software packages, and said it was up to the team and the client.

Written 2/11/00 by sarisky

Weekly Report 2

Monday February 7

Final thoughts on the draft client contract were sent to Edge by today, and the preliminary version was put onto the web site.

Tuesday February 8

A short meeting was held today after class. Some preparation for the client meeting on Thursday was discussed.

Thursday February 10

Client meeting was held at 8:30am. All of team plus Laura Duggan (Client), and Bil Hays (Client Technical Advisor) were present for 30 minutes. The requirements for the project were discussed, as well as what resources were available. A meeting was held between Sarisky, Edge, and Vu at 5:00pm for 45 minutes. Sarisky agreed to research Drumbeat and Cold Fusion and Vu agreed to research ODBC databases. A report was to be given by each on Monday. Some basic User Interface ideas were also discussed.

Sunday February 13

Research was finished up by Sarisky and Vu in regards to web application packages and ODBC databases. Other preparation was made for Monday's big meeting.

Written 2/13/00 by sarisky

Weekly Report 3

Monday February 14

Had the first major project meeting today, with the whole team in attendance. First a structure for the finished product was decided on. The team then decided to use MS Access for a DBMS, and Cold Fusion to develop the back-end of the web-pages. Organization of the user manual was discussed, and parts were assigned. Lastly a schedule, PERT, and GANTT chart were constructed with input from the whole group.

Wednesday February 16

Copies of the charts made on Monday were circulated via email to everyone in the group and comments were received.

Thursday February 17

A short meeting was held after class was cancelled. Everyone is working on their sections of the user manual.

Saturday February 19

After Prof. Stotts suggestions on the contract a revised version was created and submitted to the group's criticism by Edge.

Sunday February 20

User manual drafts were finished up, with presentations set to go on Monday at the group meeting.

Created 2/21/00 by sarisky


Weekly Report 4

Monday 2/21

The whole team met for 45 minutes. Each member distributed a draft of their part of the user manual for the rest of the team, with criticisms due on Thursday. Sarisky did a short report on ways to do web security and password authentication.

Tuesday 2/22

A meeting was held for 15 minutes between sarisky, edge, and the client. A presentation of the team's idea for what the general User Interface for the project was made to the client. The client gave her approval to using ATN's Cold Fusion web server. Later sarisky met with ATN about using the Cold Fusion server and recevied preliminary approval. A new version of the client contract was placed on the Web by vu, after edge made modifications after criticism by the boss.

Thursday 2/24

A meeting was held for 20 minutes after class when everyone gave feedback on everyone else's section of the user manual. Their was some discussion amongst the team via email about exactly what we needed on the server.

Friday 2/25

Sarisky spoke to the Cold Fusion admin regarding a login and password for the Cold Fusion server. Looks promising.

Written 2/28/00 by sarisky


Weekly Report 5

Monday February 28

We held our weekly meeting at 5pm. Edge presented the prototype HTML forms that will be our GUI. Sarisky showed a demo cold-fusion page that was running live on the ATN server that we are using. The group discussed and wrote out CRC cards, eventually getting 8 modules for our project.

Thursday March 2

User manual sections were due from the group.

Created 3/5/00 by sarisky

Weekly Report 6

Sunday 3/19

Since not all of the group was in town it was decided to not have the Monday meeting

Monday 3/20

Edge and Vu are working on the database design. Sarisky emailed the CF Admin and asked for our data source to be mounted

Tuesday 3/21

A short meeting was held after class. Some database and data structure was discussed.

Wednesday 3/22

Client was contacted and it was determined that they wanted flexibility to represent 15 minute chunks of time in the database.

Written 3/26/00 by sarisky


Weekly Report 7

Monday 3/27/00

Sarisky Edge and Vu met for an hour or so in regards to the database design. Some ideas were kicked around, with Vu to go home and decide for the proper structures that we need in the database. Also the idea of logging taking place in the database versus a text file was discussed.

Tuesday 3/28/00

Sarisky emailed some questions to the client to clarify some points on what she wanted.

Wednesday 3/29/00

Client responded with clarifications. These are being integrated into the project.

Thursday 3/30/00

Group ( minus Sarisky who had another class ) met with Prof. Stotts today in class to give a progress report. All is on schedule

Friday 3/31/00

Sarisky coded up all of the administrator side of the punch-clock, minues the database interaction because the database is not complete yet. Stubs were put in for the database interaction.

Saturday 4/1/00

Sarisky coded up most of the student part, again except for the database interaction.

Written 4/2/00 by sarisky

Weekly Report 8

Monday 4/3/00

The group had the normal Monday meeting. Sarisky showed off what was currently working, and spoke a little about the system architecture. Vu led a discussion on how to make the database work. The group discussed the implementation manual and divided up sections for people to work on.

Tuesday 4/4/00

Vu submitted the database to the group

Friday 4/7/00

Vu sent out draft SQL queries to the group. Sarisky finally got the database mounted on the CF server we are using

Saturday 4/8/00

Sarisky coded up a lot of the database integration, as well as made small changes to the database and to the GUI.

Sunday 4/9/00

Sarisky and Whitney met and discussed implementation manual. Everyone submitted their parts of the implementation manual to the list. Vu sent out some suggestions for improvements to the current product

Prepared 4/9/00 by sarisky

Weekly Report 9

Monday 4/10

Weekly meeting as usual. See minutes for details.

Wednesday 4/12

Sarisky worked on the “view schedule” button. He also investigated issues with the time function to make it compatible with Access’s ODBC interface. Testing team of Edge and Whitney estimated to start middle of next week.

Thursday 4/13

Mail for absence is implemented at:

Demo to be planned for next week.

Sick status checked against mail for absence.

Friday 4/14

Punch clock ready for testing. Most of the basic features are done. Sarisky uploaded new version without checking for modifications.

Written 4/23/00 by Vu


Weekly Report 10

Tuesday 4/18

The group held our normal weekly meeting at a different time. Some changes to the GUI were discussed as were some small programmatic changes.

Wednesday 4/19

Edge and Sarisky met with the client to demo our prototype. The client wanted some small changes and additions. Sarisky coded them up Wednesday night.

Thursday 4/20

Edge modified the GUI and reported some bugs to sarisky.

Friday 4/21

Sarisky fixed the bugs, and edge completed the GUI changes.

Written 4/23/00 by sarisky


Weekly Report 11

Monday 4/24

The team held our normal weekly meeting. Latest additions to the project were shown off by Sarisky, and the final presentation was discussed. After meeting Edge and Whitney did extensive testing and reported results to Sarisky who fixed the couple of wants/errors that were found. A record of 39 emails were sent today regarding Punchclock stuff.

Tuesday 4/25

Testing team reported all testing was finished with no unresolved errors.

Thursday 4/27

The group gave the final presentation for class today. A thank-you note was written by Sarisky and signed by everyone for the ATN Cold Fusion staff. Sarisky then delivered it personally and the thank you was received well. Client sent request for a small feature to be added, which Sarisky implemented and tested.

Friday 4/28

The client sent another enhancement request, which Sarisky implemented and tested. The group is considering whether to honor any more requests because the client had 8 days between when the code was done and the final presentation to request enhancements, but they waited until after the final presentation.

Saturday 4/29

Revised Manual changes were submitted to edge so that all documentation is finished.

Written 4/30/00 by sarisky