Cypher Buttons

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Frequency Analysis

In any cipher the first thing to do is get the frequency analysis of the characters in the cipher. To do this, we simply click on the icon or select Statitics. The user is then given further choices of single, double, or triple character analysis.


At some point the text needs to be analyzed for words that are spelled correctly or are partial matches of a word in the dictionary. To do this, we simply click on the icon.
Then, all the correct words will appear in grey box.


The most basic cipher is the monoalphabetic substitution cipher. Cypher defaults to monoalphabetic substitution cipher as the cipher guessed in use. The icon can be pressed at any time to make the mode of Cypher in the monoalphabetic substitution cipher, otherwise it might already be it by default or some other mode has been selected.


Besides the simple monoalphabetic substitution cipher there is shift monoalphabetic substitution cipher. To put Cypher in "shift" mode simply click on the icon. With shift the cipher key can be filled automatically by the "Fill Alphabet" and the key can be shifted up or down by using the shift value functions.


Transposition ciphers are a means by which the position of the letters is changed. To put Cypher in transposition cipher mode simply click on the icon. Further functions appear to help solve a transposition: Swap Rows, Swap Columns, Transpose, Resize, and Reset. These buttons are near self-explanatory.


Vigenere ciphers are poly-alphabetic substitution ciphers, meaning multiple keys. To put Cypher in poly-alphabetic substitution cipher mode simply click on the icon. Further functions appear to help solve a poly-alphabetic cipher: Shift Value, Space Value, Current Work Key, Fill Alphabet, and Code Word. The buttons Shift Value and Fill Alphabet are the same as in the shift monoalphabetic substitution cipher. Space Value is an important role in solving poly-alphabetical substitution ciphers. It stands for the length of the keyword or the number of keys used to encipher the data. Also Code Word is if a Vingenere is in use the keyword can be typed in if known or if a guess.


To make notes simply click the icon.


For poly-alphabetic substitution ciphers to figure out the Space Value or number of keys in use simply click the icon. Data will be calculated, a report made, and the number figured by Cypher which may or may not be appropriate for the Space Value.