Cypher User Manual




Cypher is a software toolkit designed to aid in the decryption of standard (historical) ciphers by providing statistical data and algorithmic analysis on encrypted messages. Most modern forms ofencryption utilize the relatively recently discovered method of public-key cryptography which, for the purposes of this software, is currently unbreakable and thus is not addressed. As well, Cypher allows users to encrypt messages using these same historical encryption algorithms and techniques. Therefore, this toolkit hopes to serve as a cryptographic learning tool and as a pastime for amateur cryptographers. Assumptions This software is best put to use with a basic background in historical cryptography as much of the manipulation of encrypted messages is user-guided. As not all users may be familiar with historical cryptography, a brief background to the field is included in this manual. It is possible to run the automated decryption algorithms, but these are limited in scope and lack the ingenuity of the human brain, which historically has prevailed against the most trying odds in cipher decryption. Intended Users Anyone wanting to learn to use basic historical encryption and decryption techniques will find this software useful. Some advanced ciphers can be decrypted (or encrypted) with this software, but these are methods that have historically been overcome and so Cypher does not provide secure data encryption at a professional level. Organization This manual is divided into six sections:
    1. Introduction: A brief overview of the software.
    2. Installation: Instruction on installing and running Cypher.
    3. Getting Started: A step-by-step guide to solving a monalphabetic,

    4.  a polyalphabetic, and a transposition cipher with user assistance.
    5. Additional Functions and Features:

    6.  A detailed guide to all the options, functions, and features of Cypher, including cipher type  selection, type-specific options, display options,Background: A basic historical background necessary to $
         maximize the softwares decryption potential.
    7. Glossary : A list of common cryptographic terms and their definitions.