Week 1 Report( 1/30 - 2/05 )

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Saturday

Tuesday - Found out about the project specifications in class. Met as a group after class to discuss initial standings on the project such as possible meeting times, personal programming history, etc... 

Wednesday - Met as a group at 7:00 to discuss initial tasks in developing our project. We decided that we would try to contact our client the next day, Thursday, in the afternoon after class. John was chosen as producer of the team but the technical director position was still up in the air until more specifications were found out from the client. Began discussion on a team name and ideas for web development and logo. Also discussed questions we wanted to present to the client upon the first meeting.

Thursday The team was able to meet with the client after class for an hour and a half to get a better idea of the specifications desired by the client. The client recommended The Code Book as a source to follow for cryptography methods and design. We discussed some of the tools we would need to become familiar with including C++, cryptographic statistics, histogram design, algorithms, and FLTK interface. Client suggested we do some research on these topics as well as begin reading the aforementioned book, and we would discuss more details the next week. Weekly meeting times therefore to follow with the client were set to be Thursday afternoons.

Saturday - Several of the team members met in Sitterson to begin discussion on a contract to present the client in the following weeks meeting. Determined the group name to be CYPHER and found several images online that we wanted to alter and use to represent the group.