Week 2 Report( 2/06 - 2/12  )

Sunday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Sunday - Team met in Sitterson at 7:00. Joon started initial web skeleton. John started web graphics. The rest of the group began researching cryptology.

Tuesday - We met after class for a short time and decided that Wednesday evenings would be the time for our main weekly meetings. John got a copy of a contact sheet to everyone in the group so that we could contact each other. Philip had ordered a copy of the recommended book, The Code Book, and began reading it. 

Wednesday -  Met in Sitterson at 7:00. Topics of conversation led to division of labor and teams. We realized that we needed an algorithm design team and an interface design team. Teams were divided as follows - FLTK team: John, Rob, Joon / Algorithm team - Philip, Amarish, Steve. Philip had made excellent progress in The Code Book and grasped the algorithm development, so at this time he was elected technical director. We assigned him a small part on the FLTK team, however it was mostly to act as a liason between the two teams so as to make the final product easier to implement. John edited the photos for the web page and took over web page development from this time.

Thursday - Met with client and talked about further cryptographical methods. The discussion leaned towards differing cryprographical algorithms. As a result we found a clearer definition of the goal intended by the client. From this we made notes to add changes to the skeleton contract. The client made more recommendations for sources of information in the math library. After the meeting we went directly to find the information mentioned.