Week 3 Report( 2/13 - 2/19  )

Sunday | Wednesday | Thursday | Saturday

Sunday - Philip has finished reading The Code Book and passes on good information to the rest of the team about methods for going about composing different algorithms. The algorithm team meets and discusses ways to implement these methods.

Wednesday - Shorter weekly meeting. We discussed some contract revision that we wanted to bring up the following day at the next client meeting. FLTK team has a pretty solid view of what the interface should look like. 

Thursday - Weekly meeting with client brought about a firm confirmation on what is desired by client. A list of requirements and desires was provided to us which we noted to add into the revised contract. Client took time to explain in beter detail what his requirements meant. We took the time to check login / password accessability for various computers in the graphics lab which we informed the client we would like to use in order to build and thoroughly test our project.

Saturday - Additions were made to the contract according to the list of requirements given to us by the client and our discussion with him on Thursday about what could be accomplished. Further development and coding was worked on over this weekend by both the algorithm and FLTK team.