Week 4 Report( 2/20 - 2/27  )

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Monday - Began discussion of charts...sketch drawings of Gantt chart, PERT chart and work breakdown schedule. Discussed design issues on what the graphical interface should entail. FLTK team seems to have a good grasp of how the GUI is going to be put together. Philip maintains contact with both groups.

Tuesday - Obtained a copy of Microsoft Project and began working on the Gantt chart after class. Had a bit of a problem at first getting the program to do what we wanted, but got the hang of it after awhile. We realized that installing it in the lab would allow us to design a chart but the program would err every time we wanted to convert the charts to a .gif file to put on the web page.

Wednesday - Weekly meeting topic of conversation was heavily focused on the charts. Gantt chart was revised and made more in depth. Work breakdown chart was also drawn out based on the Gantt chart. Pert chart skeleton was derived. We are still addressing the problems we were having getting Microsoft Project to do what we wanted it to. We assumed that the networking restricted access on the computers in the lab were causing problems with the gif converter in Project so John took the file home and was able to get it to convert to gif and add it to the web page. Philip makes the final draft of the Work Breakdown graph and posts it on the web page as well. 

Thursday - Very short meeting with client this week. We told him of our recent events and showed him copies of our work breakdown schedule. We had no real questions for him, just needed more time to get coding worked out so he told us to go be productive then : )

Saturday - More time spent coding...algorithm team has statistogram class finished and key class almost coded. Together these combine to form the basis of monoalphabetic cypher decryption. The FLTK team has an intro and menu GUI set up to begin linking the two together when they are completed.