IRIS 2000, 3-D Medical Data Visualization

Weekly Reports

Week of April 24 - 30


With the completion of two primary requirements, the IRIS2000 group continued to clean up code and write documentation for both the User Manual and the Technical Manual.  There has been significant work on the appearance of the website as well as a reorganization of both the User Manual and Technical Manual.  

At the client meeting, a discussion was held concerning the user interface of the cut planes as well as the clean up of the left hand tool bar.  The group decided that another drop down menu was needed to house the rendering options and threshold options.  We also discussed the use of a single button to activate the 3D functions, instead of clogging up the left hand tool bar with more buttons. There was also a short rehash of the logistics of the cut planes.

Sean finished implementing the Multi-color display module of IRIS2000 and gave a demo in the weekly meeting.  Amy and Ashraf reported that they are done with the smoothing and mesh-simplification as well as making some GUI changes to the menu of IRIS2000.  Ming and Robin are still working the cut planes module.


Next Week's Goals:

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