IRIS 2000, 3-D Medical Data Visualization

Weekly Reports

Week of February 20 - 27


This week's efforts were concentrated on conversion of the Gantt, PERT, and Work Breakdown Structures to electronic format. The Work Breakdown Structure as of last revision is now located here. Ming and Robin are getting the Gantt and PERT charts into Microsoft Project 98 and will be posting them up to our webspace ASAP. They will be linked in from the main page.

We also had another client meeting this week, in which there was additional discussion of the technical details of the project. There was discussion focused mainly upon the smoothing of the segmented objects, and came up with this method.

  1. Do a smooth (Gaussian blur) on the binary image and threshold
  2. Extract blocky surface, then smooth the triangle mesh.

This should be covered by VTK/FLTK functions. We are starting to look into the existing source code tree and the documentation of the VTK and FLTK kits.

Sean has gotten the code setup in the group space and multiplatform builds of the libraries. The Sun version of the code is the most stable. He has gotten a Linux build going as well, so that we can work on it from home. It currently is UNSTABLE. We have yet to tinker with the code and get NT to build.

Ashraf has setup a schedule for further reports and breaking down the user manual task for completion this week.

Next Week's Goals:

Last updated 2/27/2000

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