IRIS 2000, 3-D Medical Data Visualization

Weekly Reports

Week of February 28 - March 5


The Gantt, PERT, and Work Breakdown Structures have been approved by Dr. Stotts. We have now placed them here.

Our client meeting this week was brief. The contract was signed. We discussed our scheduling with Dr. Gerig, and some prospective breakdown of the process.

We reviewed the availible documentation resources, and concluded that not much needed changed. Robin is working on adding the documentation to the new components we are developing. The changes will be reviewed as a group next meeting.

We completed and submitted our CRC cards. They were a good tool to get us thinking about the code abstraction and how the various toolkits interact.

Sean is working on the GUI code and trying to clean up some of the "messy" sections in hopes of simplifying things and getting the multiplatform builds to work. This should also help in manipulating the code for the modules that we will be building.

Ming and Amy are going to be working on the NT build. No word on progress as of yet

Robin and Ashraf are going to get libraries and work on the SGI/Sun builds starting next week

Next Week's Goals:

Last updated 3/5/2000

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