IRIS 2000, 3-D Medical Data Visualization

Weekly Reports

Week of March 6 - March 12


Our user manual has been finished and approved by Dr. Stotts; we took the user manual from IRIS'99 and added a few paragraphs for the user-visible changes we will add.

A schedule has been drawn up for the weekly reports; Sean will be doing the next two weeks' worth of weekly reports.

Ming has been working on getting IRIS'99 working on NT. A new version (3.1) of VTK has come out, and as a result IRIS needs to be recompiled. We won't have a running executable for an in-class demo, but we can use screenshots.

Sean has been working on the Sun and SGI builds; they are in progress. There have been some minor problems with compiling vtk, but IRIS has been successfully compiled on Linux, so once VTK is compiled, we should be done with the code consolidation phase. Robin will help with the Sun build, and Ashraf will help with the SGI build.

In-class preliminary presentation (this week):

  1. Overview
    1. what it is / does
    2. high level description: datasets (2D/3D)
    3. Segmentation / labeling
  2. the Problem / Specs
    1. Multiplatform build
    2. Smoothing / simplification (and potential problems with it)
    3. Color / labeling
    4. Cut planes
    5. File I/O
Ming and Sean will present, using the user manual webpage.

Update (8Mar2000):