IRIS 2000, 3-D Medical Data Visualization

Weekly Reports

Week of March 20 - March 27


We discussed with Guido some details of what is required for the cut planes functionality. It was agreed that the user interface should include specification of a line segment on the 3D window, which would be extruded along the viewing direction to designate a plane in 3D. After such a plane has been specified, we could (1) relabel voxels according to which side of the plane they fall on, or (2) relabel only voxels along the plane, perhaps to a specified depth. The second functionality would resemble a "virtual knife".

Some discussion was made on the interaction between the smoothed 3D visualization and the blocky high-resolution label image: We concluded that the smoothed version should only be used for visualization, so that relabelling (e.g. by the virtual knife) is always done on the original segmentation dataset. The existing code already has functions to calculate a ray from the viewpoint to a point on the 3D window; the existing code fires the ray through the original segmentation dataset.

The user manual still needs to be worked on.

The NT build on Amy's machine is hung up on a problem with NMAKE in compiling VTK with MSVC++ 6.0; Ming will help.

Release 1.0 Sun and SGI builds are complete; try ~iris2000/playpen/seanho/sun-iris and sgi-iris

Next Week's Goals:

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