IRIS 2000, 3-D Medical Data Visualization

Weekly Reports

Week of May 1 - 5


During this last week of the IRIS2000 development, the last primary requirement was met when the Cutplanes were successfully implemented.  There was also minor changes to the IRIS reader class and various other code clean up.

At the client meeting, we reported to our Client that the Cutplanes were 80 percent working, however, by that same evening, the cutplanes were in place and completely working.  The IRIS2000 team had an extensive discussion over how to handle the last loose ends such as technical documentation, web site development, testing , user manual updating, final team report, etc.  The decision was made to divide up the different parts and finish them before we met one last time on Sunday night to put everything into notebooks to deliver to the boss and to the client.


Next Week's Goals:

Last updated 5/07/2000

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