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3.3. Module: thumbnail_map_viewer

-Class Hierarchy

Thumbnail_map_viewer is not a subclass of any other class.
          Developed by all team members


Thumbnail_map_viewer is a class which displays a map giving the overview of the general area of interest. The user may choose to trace with the mouse a box on the thumbnail map to outline a particular subregion of interest; this subregion is displayed in a new window, which is a new instance of the class terrain_map_viewer. The user may inspect as many subregions as he wishes by using the mouse to outline them on the thumbnail map. When he is finished using GISMO, he may exit the system by closing the thumbnail_map_viewer, or by pressing the QUIT button; either will close all active windows that GISMO has instantiated.
-Implementation Details
The thumbnail_map_viewer contains three widgets:
  1. a GlMapWindow (this draws the actual thumbnail map);
  2. an Fl_Window (this allows the thumbnail map to be displayed in a FLTK window);
  3. an Fl_Button with the label "QUIT", which when pushed will cause GISMO to terminate and will close all windows GISMO has opened.

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