The Meeting Anywhere software adopted a client-server approach in its architecture. Multiple clients can access server simultaneously and share underlying data resources. Java technology is applied on both client and server. The client side is made of applets. Applet runs on behalf on the clients, and communicate with the server. On the server side, the front end is a Java network application, which accepts incoming connections and pass request to the central processing unit. The central processing unit communicates with the back-end database to provide services to the user.

The Meeting Anywhere server runs complex algorithm to detect and resolve the concurrency and possible conflicting rearrangement. It utilizes transaction to achieve coherency and utilize large cache technique to boost performance. On the client’s side, the use of Javabean greatly promotes extensibility and better user interface design. The authentication and authorization of individual user and encryption technique enhance the whole system security.

Following content will present the structure of Meeting Anywhere in great detail. More using details can found in the User Manual.