Quick Started


You should have met every system requirement at this point. If you are not sure. Click here to check the ‘system requirement’.




1.      Point the web browser to http://www.cs.unc.edu/network/MA

2.      The login applet will be downloaded automatically. The user will be prompted for user name and password.

3.      The user input username and password, then left click the ‘login’ button. If both username and password are valid, the user will be directed to the Personal Schedule session.


-----------------------A SAMPLE SCREENSHOT----------------






Inside the personal schedule, you are able to:

§         Check for personal calendar

§         Add, delete and modify personal events

§         Modify personal preference

§         Switch to meeting schedule screen


The following screen shows an example of personal schedule screen.



Check personal schedule

§         The left panel shows all available events in a time specified in right-upper panel

§         The right-upper panel allows user to specify the time to check


Add, delete and modify personal events

§         The “Add Activity” and “Delete Activity”  at the right-lower panel are used to add and delete events.


Change personal preference


Switch to Meeting Schedule screen

§         Click on “Propose Meeting” button on the upper-right corner of screen






In the meeting schedule screen, you are able to:

§         Propose a meeting

§         Reserve a resource such as room, equipment.

§         Find an available time slot for a group of people



Propose A Meeting:


Choose "participant" tab. Check "required" if you need participants for the meeting. Otherwise

Left side is the list of all users; right side is participants for the meeting. Highlight a user on the left, and click on right arrow to add the user to be a participant. Highlight a user on the right and click on the left arrow if you want to remove a participant.

§         Choose Room

Choose "room" tab. check "required" if you need a room for the meeting. Double click on the room name from the room list, an calender showing this rooms current reservation info will pop up to help you decide a proper meeting time for this room. Make sure you highlight the room name if you finally decide to choose it.

Choose "Equipments" tab. check "required" if you need equipments for the meeting. Highlight all the equipment names you want to use for your meeting.

§         Confirm Meeting

After all of above is done, click on "confirm". The meeting scheduler all check the database, if all the resources (participants, room, equipments" are available, a window will pop up showing you the meeting has been successfully scheduled, else a error window will tell you which resources are not available for your meeting time.

Reserve A Room

Repeat the steps of propose a meeting. The only difference is that you need choose yourself as the only participant.

Find An Available Time Slot For A Group Of Users

Repeat the steps of propose a meeting. But skip of the reserve room and equipment steps this time.