The user manual of Meeting Anywhere contains complete information about how to use the Meeting Anywhere software to conduct meeting set-up and resource reservation. It is organized to several sections according to the need of user.


The user manual is information for user only. For technical information, please visit the Technical Manual.



ABOUT THIS PRODUCT                                           


The Meeting Anywhere software product is a web based meeting scheduler, which enables you to manage your own meeting calendar, schedule a meeting that meets all participants' available time, allocate resources for a meeting (e.g. room, projector), and manage a rather complex meeting that combines all functions from above (e.g. PhD dissertation defense). In addition, if there is any conflicts in participants' available time, rooms, etc, this meeting scheduler will automatically provide alternative suggestions if you choose so.  It can be used in any organization to organize meetings.




Computers with at least 28.8K network connection


Netscape 4.0 or IE4.5 or higher

Any Operating System supports Netscape 4.0 or IE4.5 or higher