Exam Scheduler Technical Manual

Future Development

As test using the data of S98 and S00 qualification examination, our scheduler will output satisfactory result. However the best "minimum" competence level of all sessions are still not very good. It could be caused by some prfessors show their competence level of courses a little conservatively. Another potential way to improve it is we split some courses purposely instead of totally randomly. We could combine some related courses together so one course's competent professor will probably have some knowledge of the other course in the same session. Also courrent scheduler will only deal with two special cases: for some students want to leave early and for some professors assigning less workloads. We believe that there will many special cases will encounter in the future. Some professors will probably miss one day but available in the rest days. In this May, we really encounter this situation, however, in the current version of scheduler, we just delete this professor, i.e., this professor won't attend any session this May. It is also possilbe that some students don't want some spcific time to be examed, although this could be met by manually pick one schedule, however, if the system can check it automatically it will be helpful. All we did is try best to make our whole system easy to modify to meet the new requirements.

Updated on April 23, 2000.