Time:                 02/07 5:00pm-6:00pm

Present:            huajun, hou, paul, rebecca and Dr. John Halton


We scheduled the meeting with Dr. Halton on the Feb. 04. However, we missed it and had to delay to the following Monday. Dr. Halton introduced the project to us. It is a real and hard scheduling problem.  He expected to use it to schedule the Ph.D student oral examination this May.  The whole project is required to use C language. Rebecca asked whether there were some situations where we cannot give a scheduling which satisfies all given requirements. Dr. Halton pointed out this true but the probability is very very low so we do not need to worry about it. After meeting with Dr. Halton, we simply discussed the project. Paul made the draft of the contract based on the discussion with Dr. Halton.

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