When: 02/21 2:00-3:00

Who: Prof. Halton, huajun

Where: Halton's office

What: the final contract and the algorithms

This meeting is mainly to settle the final contract and discuss the detailed algorithms for our project. We presented our revised contracts to Prof. Halton. After carefully reviewing it, Prof. Halton basically agree with it. The only change he points out is that he requires the project should be completed by the end of April. The earlier the better because he wants more time to test the scheduler before it is used to schedule for the oral qualification examination this May. As to algorithms, Prof. Halton suggests we may assign two main profs to three sessions separately for each student, then we could append the third 'useless' professor to each session to balance workloads of faculties. As to how to split 6 courses to form 3 two-course session, Prof. Halton suggests some options like "most popular pairs", "random pairs", "related courses" etc. The final implementation is just left to us. Finally Prof. Halton suggests to us not to use the "greedy" algorithm 'cause it may cause the workloads situation worse. A bit of "random" may work well according the past experience.


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