The whole system is working

Time: 04/12 3:00pm-4:30pm

Present: huajun, Dr. Halton

Where: Dr. Halton's office


We made the final schedule for the qualification exam this May. Actually in the last week, we kept in touch with Dr. Halton to report the progress and problems. Dr. Halton also provided some new requirements for our system, like he hope some professors could be scheduled with less work loads, some student should be scheduled as early as possible, and some special situations where one professor has to cover two courses in one session. We finally solved these problems smoothly. For the scheduling of this May exam, we ran the scheduler 50,000 times of our scheduling algorithms which costed about 20 minutes on the machine eagle and finally produced about 10 schedules. Dr. Halton will decide which one is the final schedule.

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