Using Comand line arguments

The code below will process the String array that contains the command line arguments passed to the main method when Java runs.

A google search will show you how to turn on and provide command line args to your Java program in Eclipse, etc.

class MainArgs {

  public static void main (String[] args) {
    if (args.length==0) {
      // there are no command like args
      System.out.println("mode 1");
      System.out.println("we will do the interactive test driver");
    else {
      // there are command line args
      int pri;
      String assocData;
      System.out.println("mode 2");
      System.out.print("here are the args: ");
      int na = args.length; // our test data will make this even
      for (int i=0; i < na; i+=2) {
        pri = Integer.parseInt(args[i]);
        assocData = args[i+1];
        System.out.print(assocData+", ");