Exam Information

Final Exam

Thursday May 4 at 12:00 noon in our class room.
Given in accordance with the Spring 2017 UNC final exam calendar and final exam policies.
All answers will be given on the exam pages I will hand out. They will be graded in GradeScope and returned to you as a link to a PDF as we did with some of the midterm exam.
The exam will be closed book, closed notes, closed calculators, closed phones, closed laptops, closed watches, closed friends and neighbors... open mind.

You will have 180 mins to complete it, but it will take a well prepared student more like 120 minutes.
The exam is comprehensive, though emphasis will be on the material we have studied since the midterm.
Text readings.
Topics covered after the midterm
Sample exam questions (solutions)
Final study guide      And more Final study guide      study guide: hashing
partial answers 1      partial answers 2      answer: hashing
Final Fall 2015   (key)      Final Spring 2016   (key)

Midterm Exam