Examples Used in Class

in class 8/23/11
        Basic Sorting: Bubble Sort        
        Timing version of the sort
        sort algorithm comparison
in class 8/30/11
        proof by contrapositive
in class 8/30/12
        O(2^N) vs. O(N)
        random numbers in Java
        timing programs in Java
in class 9/04/12
        list ADT basics
in class 9/06/12
        ADT Axiomatic Semantics
in class 9/13/12
        tree traversals illustrated
        expression tree traversals illustrated
in class 9/25/12
        AVL tree animation
in class 9/27/12
        splay tree animation
        another splay tree animation
        single-step splay tree animation
        use this one to see how splaying balances a badly unbalanced tree

        alternate way to do delete in a splay tree
in class 10/02/12
        Axiomatic Semantics for SET ADT
        Axiomatic Semantics for MAP ADT
in class 10/11/12
        Priority Queue ADT (axioms)
in class 10/11/12
        Code for Hash Table
in class 10/16/12
        Binary Heap Animation
        Another Binary Heap Animation
        Binary Heap explained
in class 10/16/12
        Comparison of various complexity curves
in class 11/13/12
        creating a Java priority queue
in class 11/20/12
        Animation for Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm (borrowed)
in class 11/27/12
        PPT for Euler Path/Circuit (borrowed)
in class 11/27/12
        Big Oh and Big Omega (YouTube)
        Sorting Algorithms with cards (YouTube)
        More Sorting Algorithms with cards (YouTube)
        Sorting Algorithms Illustrated in dance (yep) (YouTube)
        Yet More Sorting Algorithms Illustrated (YouTube)
in class 12/04/12
        Computability Theory -- P, NP, NP-C, impossible (PDF)