Project Proposals

After all the presentations have been made in class, please send me an email
(to with title "COMP 523 PROJECT PICKS".
Email is due Tuesday evening, 1/15/2013 by 5pm.

In this email give me the LETTERS (from the list below) of your top 6 project
choices... something like this: 1Q 2L 3H 4Z 5C 6K

I will do what I can to maximize happiness but I give no guarantees
other than you will end up assigned to some project.

You may self-select a team if you wish... simply send me an email with
all three student names as a team along with your 5 project preferences.
If you do not self-select a team, I will assign you individually to a team
based on project preference matches as best I can.

Summaries of project proposals