The Code


Aside from functioning properly, the code is expected to be consistently written and well documented in a uniform manner. Remember, your team agreed to follow consistent coding standards back at the beginning. Theoretically, the only way that I should be able to tell who wrote a module is by the fact that the person's name is included in the comments. Make sure to identify code that is coming from prior systems and that I should not review as belonging to your team.

Comments should say what the code does not. Don't waste time and space on the obvious.

Be professional. code, comments and even test data can "escape". We do not live in a private world anymore. Assume your code is and will be public at some point, usually when you least expect it.


Your code should be packaged in some sort of easy-to-transport repository. It should be easy to get your code from your development environment into the environment in which it will live and work for your client.

Install Notes

Your code repository should include some easy-to-find instructions on how to unpack and install it.