Calendar of Class Events

Tuesday Thursday Week's End (Sun evening)
Jan 5-Jan 9 . course overview .
Jan 12-Jan 16 Presentations of project proposals

preferences due in email Wed 5pm
project / team assignments
project web site
project concept
development processes
requirements phase
Web site URL due to me (email) with first 5 items there.
Jan 19-Jan 23 no class requirements phase functional spec project concept due (web)
team rules (web)
Jan 26-Jan 30 Requirements... types
weekly meeting scheduling
... user stories due (web)
Feb 2-Feb 6 platform selection
project scheduling
project management
development processes
Early design: CRC cards
resources: CRC cards
D1. Functional Spec due (web) including use cases and diagrams
Feb 9-Feb 13 Design: Architecture XP introduction
pair programming
platform selection due (web)
project plan due (web)
Feb 16-Feb 20 extreme programming 1
extreme programming 2
... architecture diagram(s) due (web)
tech talk ideas
Feb 23-Feb 27 ... ... midterm presentation (ppt)
Mar 2-Mar 6 project presentations project presentations ...
Mar 9-Mar 13 spring break spring break spring break
Mar 16-Mar 20 Epic Software Fails
Unit testers
Test Plan (deliverable)
Software testing all week: boss demo
Mar 23-Mar 27 ... User manual, and the documentation plan
Amazon and Everything
test plan due
all week: boss demo
Mar 30-Apr 3 code deliverable
design document
TT: (04) Bootstrap
TT: (07) Assistive Tech.
documentation plan due
all week: boss demo
Apr 6-Apr 10 TT: (06) Scheduling Algs.
TT: (09) Phaser
TT: (01) Cloud apps
TT: (10) PHP server-side
all week: boss demo
Apr 13-Apr 17 TT: (02) CUDA
TT: (08) Parallelization
TT: (11) JavaScript milieu
TT: (12) Angular
all week: boss demo
Apr 20-Apr 24 TT: (05) Django
TT: (03) Geolocation
last lecture day Aspect Oriented Programming all week: boss demo
Apr 27-May 1 ... ... Friday May 1 at 12:00pm
exam day
final presentations
Sunday May 3 Final project website due ... ... ...