Midterm Project Presentation

All teams must be prepared to give their report Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 12:30 pm (class time).

Actual presentation order will be chosen randomly, so all need to be ready to be possibly first. We will have 6 presentations on Tuesday, and 6 more on Thursday (3/5/2015).


Each presentation slot is 10 minutes long, and that slot must contain the presentation, time for some questions, and swap time to get the next team in place and running. Therefore, plan for about 8-9 minutes of presentation.

Be sure to do a run-through of your presentation (at least one) for timing purposes. If you are not experienced at public presentations, it is fairly common to try to pack 20 minutes of material into a 10 minute talk. It also sometimes happens that the discussion is too brief; you dont want to finish your "10 minute presentation" in 2 or 3 minutes. Practice.


Identify your project name, date, and your team members. After that, you have four main content chunks to present (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Functional overview
  2. User interface mockup
  3. Technical overview
  4. Platform description

Functional overview: Tell us who your users are (what types if there are more than one kind of user). Also tell what services and functions your system will provide for your users. This is basically telling us your requirements, but dont just put th requirements document into powerpoint and read it to us. Summarize. Hit the high points. Inform. Explain your system from the user's viewpoint.

User interface mockup: To assist in giving us the user's point of view, provide mock ups for the user interface. This is not anything final, just whatever idea you have at the moment of how the system will look and be interacted with. Pretty pictures make nice eye-resters while you talk about details.

Technical overview: Since almost all projects are early in code development, this section will mainly be a presentation and explanation of your architecture diagram. Feel free to include any supporting details from the design of subsystems that you might have, but we are looking in this presentation for high-level structure. Technical details will be a larger component of your final presentation at the end of the semester.

Platform description: Tell us what language(s) you are writing the code in, what IDE(s) are supporting your development, what code libraries you are building on, what sort of hardware your system is intended to execute on, what operating system is supporting your product. Unlike the platform discussion on your website (where you give all the technical options you considered and what you ultimately chose to use) in this presentation we just want the final choices for your project.