Project Proposals

Send me an email after all the presentations have been made in class. Send the email to with title "COMP 523 PROJECT PICKS".
Email is due Wed afternoon, 1/20/2016 by 5pm.

In this email give me the LETTERS (from the list below) of your top 6 project choices, in order... something like this: 1Q 2L 3H 4P 5C 6A

I will do what I can to maximize happiness but I give no guarantees other than you will end up assigned to some project. Think of it this way... every project here is awesome! So you will be happy no matter which you work on.

You may self-select a team if you wish... simply send me an email with all student names as a team along with your 6 project preferences. If you do not self-select a team, I will assign you individually to a team based on project preference matches as best I can. You may self-select a partial team as well. Please make sure all team members agree on project choices and order.

Insider Trading Liability Calculator
Andrew Chin, UNC Law School
*** 3:30

PDF of description 


J. Clark, B. Baxter (PureCloud)
PureCloud AWS IoT Integration


PureCloud Engage is a cloud service created by Interactive Intelligence that 
facilitates communication (chat, audio, and video conferencing) between agents 
and customers. Development of PureCloud Engage started about three years ago and 
is intended to be used by contact centers operating in a cloud environment. PureCloud 
Engage is built on top of the PureCloud platform which provides a REST API that 
third-party products can use for integration.

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to build a proof-of-concept system that demonstrates 
the ability for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to both be monitored and tracked 
using PureCloud Analytics as well as for IoT devices to trigger actions within PureCloud 
Engage. The integration would be used to demonstrate the integration capabilities of 
PureCloud for existing customers and sales prospects.

The initial thinking for the project would be to integrate the Amazon Dash button 
( and Amazon Web Services 
(AWS) IoT platform ( with the PureCloud platform
(  The integration service would be a stand-alone cloud service 
hosted in AWS and authenticate via OAuth. The web service would communicate with PureCloud 
using the PureCloud REST API ( This 
platform would showcase the ability for a customer to initiate a customer service action 
such as an agent callback or to register an event which the agent could take action upon.

Initially the project would showcase next generation customer service capabilities of 
the Interactive Intelligence PureCloud service. Long term goals may include integrating 
with in-car telemetry and status information for use in the rental car industry and 
with medical equipment for online quality monitoring and maintenance needs.


Team members will work with mentors from Interactive Intelligence to further refine the 
requirements for the IoT proof-of-concept. Ideally, technologies suitable for a cloud 
deployment will be used but ultimately technology decisions will be at the discretion 
of the project team members.


A. T. Panter, V. Sathy (UNC Office of Undergrad Education)
Template Tool for Generating UNC Course Syllibi

We propose to develop a template tool that faculty members could use to help develop an optimal 
syllabus for the semester. I have been asked about this in many forms (new faculty members, 
faculty members who are uncertain what sections they need and what language to use). Also, 
we have been trying to encourage our faculty to improve their syllabi because the students 
benefit greatly from clear expectations about what the course will be.

A syllabus template tool would allow graduate students who are teaching for the first time, 
new faculty to UNC, and faculty who are wanting to be diligent and complete to provide an 
excellent syllabus on the first day of class.

A syllabus template tool would:

1. Populate the current university schedule for the semester (registrar has this several 
   years in advance). User would specify the term (fall, spring, summer 1, summer 2).

2. Use the Faculty Council Resolution as a guide on what sections to include in 
   a syllabus. I could provide that.

3. Provide optional wording for different sections of the syllabus that need to be there 
   (course learning objectives, honor code information, computer policies, attendance policy, 
   etc.). We could provide examples of model sections that a faculty member could choose 
   (from past syllabi that our Office has thought are particularly good, with permission from 
   the instructor). I could imagine standard sections that should be on a syllabus and a 
   faculty member could choose which wording they prefer.

4. Then the basic pieces are selected, a nice looking document could be created, and the 
   faculty member would fill in any final details.

This tool would be widely used, and we would all get a lot of good credit for providing this resource!

K. Headley (UNC Molecular Biology)
TheMovingElephant publishing platform
3:30+ is a peer reviewed publishing platform for alternative publication 
media: including Powerpoint Presentations, audio files, and poster presentations. The moving 
elephant is an online journal created by UNC PhD Student, Kathryn Headley, hoping to increase 
accessibility of professional digital media to the public. As researchers, we are often like 
blind men describing different parts of an elephant, we don’t fully understand the whole picture, 
but we have a piece of information to add to a large puzzle. In a lot of cases, a video would 
be helpful for researchers to understand a concept in a way that an article cannot articulate. 
Similarly, watching a moving elephant vs. reading multiple articles on different parts of an 
elephant can be more informative to understanding what an elephant is or how elephants work. is the first publishing platform for digital media and is looking 
forward to transforming scientific communication by providing a new digital stage for 
scientific publication.


A. Chase (Durham Public Schools and Envisioning Youth Empowerment Retreat)
Assistive Technology for High School Students

We are a nonprofit who works to prepare blind and visually impaired high school 
students for college by expanding them to real world situations.   Because technology is 
such a major component of higher education now, we seek an app that can allow us to 
post class materials for our mock classes, allow students to submit work, allow students 
to submit applications, and provide a space for posting of videos and pictures.

This is a priority for us as we aim to not provide Braille materials to better simulate 
a true college experience.

Lucia Binotti (UNC Spanish)

RoadAmico is a software platform built on top of Google Maps. We enable experts to create 
digital resources -- Journeys-- that map unique cultural itineraries while promoting 
local heritage. Journeys provide like-minded travelers with exclusive content while 
engaging them in alternative tourism and self-paced learning. 

A Journey is a multimedia curated experience, written by local cultural agents.  
A Curator builds her Journey, adding personalized content to an itinerary of selected 
Google Places. She filters by #interests. She uploads her new curated Journey to 
RoadAmico’s platform and gives it a price. Curators' contributions are game-ified, 
similarly to the Google's Local Guides Rewards System. Curators’ reviews allow users 
to select Journeys based on their own learning needs.  At present we are developing 
the Curators’ Board. Next we would like to create a user interface that allows to 
visualize and purchase journeys.

Lucia Binotti (UNC Spanish)

Entiendelo is an app to help people navigate stressful linguistic and cultural situations.
The Entiendelo app alleviates the difficulty that arises from having to deal with a 
situation of IPV in a multilingual context. Entiendelo is a unique application that can 
be used by IPV survivors and their advocates in several ways. It contains a multi-dialect 
glossary of words relating to sexuality, violence, and healing that serves as a translator 
between the different Spanish registers spoken in the United States. It also contains 
inspirational and counseling materials that serve as a resource to empower at-risk 
individuals. Finally, the app contains an urban dictionary and an interactive game that 
serve as cultural resources.  When used in a situation of poor communication, the app 
facilitates dialogue and interaction between users and speeds up assessment of the 
client’s needs. 

Our target audience is any Spanish-speaking individual seeking to prevent IPV and any 
English-speaking individual who works with the Latin@ community. Entiendelo’s main three 
functionalities empower these populations to better understand their situation and to 
provide resources that help them take control of their own lives. These are: 

1) a Spanish-English glossary; 
2) a bilingual collection of inspirational quotes; and 
3) an interactive bilingual game, based on the model of Spent.

In its beta phase the app will be downloadable for free via the Google store, 
following a hybrid freemium/ad supported business model. During this initial 
timeframe we will look to ensure institutional and private funding to develop the 
app beyond its core functionalities. 

Jared Layne (UNC Campus Y)
Y Connect: Student and Alumnus Membership Management

Y Connect is an online, onyen-protected database that Campus Y members and alumni can use 
to connect with one another. The Campus Y is the UNC Center for Social Justice and has 
over 2000 current members and over 12000 alumni- yet no organized or useful way of 
storing the plethora of experiences of expertise all of the people connected to Y have. 
Y Connect will allow Campus Y members and alumni to have their own profile and search 
other profiles for opportunities, advice or to reconnect. It will function as an internal 
linked in, of sorts. This project was started last semester but has a lot to still do to 
fully realize. You will get to work with Play MVC, OpenShift Hibernate ORM, Material 
Design Lite and Polymer during this project. 


A. Hurlbert (UNC Biology)
Caterpillars Count! Photo Quiz
4:00 +

This will be a web application built into our existing project website that allows logged 
in users to practice identifying arthropods in photos via quizzes. Recent scores and 
long-term average scores are saved and displayed (along with their ranking) for each user. 
Although we could start with a fixed set of photos, would be great to access photos for 
the quiz programmatically from via their API. Would also be great to explore 
whether submission of Caterpillars Count! data to iNaturalist is possible via their 
API automatically.


A. Hurlbert (UNC Biology)
Avian Diet Database and Website
4:00 +

We propose a web interface for entering quantitative diet information on North American 
bird species.  Currently we are doing this by editing a flat file directly (see example 
attached), but I'd like a relational database structure and a means of data entry that 
minimizes potential errors. We have a list of references that potentially contain these 
data, and it would be great to build links to Google Scholar and UNC Library to 
facilitate the discovery of these journal articles with data.


Ram Neta (UNC Philosophy)
Logic Games

We propose to develop logic games that will give students practice at using
various reasoning skills.  They will feature truth-tables, Venn Diagrams, 
argument mapping, etc. and may be web-based, or perhaps mobile.

puzzle example


*********** I present *******************************************************

Ina Liu (UNC School of Pharmacy)
App that will help patients with poor health literacy

Background: Patients with low health literacy, or the ability to read and 
understand about their medications, have poor adherence to medication as 
well as the inability to fully comprehend harmful side effects. Furthermore, 
because reliable internet sources such as or WebMD have a high 
reading level, patients may seek false and unreliable information elsewhere 
on the web such as forums. Pharmacists in response to low health literacy 
and patients on multiple medications have offered "Medication Therapy Management"
or MTMs. The functions of the proposed app are based on what pharmacists 
provide during a MTM: education and medication planning. 

Full proposal

Alberto Bonifacio (UNC Medical School, Trauma)

Web development for  Last week, the UNC Trauma 
Program launched a ten-year strategic plan to reduce trauma-related morbidity 
and mortality in the region.  Name Tarheel Trauma 2025, the group hopes to 
rebrand itself as a center of excellence.  The tarheel trauma website will 
be key in our public presence as an innovative, highly organized, energetic 
group that care, but also means business.  In addition to building a image, 
we hope to integrate the mid-carolina website, add a platform for injury 
prevention games, and add functionalities such as subcommittee forums 
and online registration.

Tarheel Trauma

More proposal

Alberto Bonifacio (UNC Medical School, Trauma)
Trauma Continuum of Care Dashboard

Tarheel Trauma would like assistance with building a comprehensive data dashboard 
built on Microsoft Visio.  The dashboard will use infographics tied to regularly 
uploaded data that will depict administrative and clinical trauma performance 
"at-a-glance".  This platform will enable the program to detect subtle changes 
in practice potentially prevent medical error.

Alberto Bonifacio (UNC Medical School, Trauma)
Injury Prevention Game

This project will add an additional injury prevention game to our growing library.  
The games have typically targeted pre-school-aged children, but we are open to taking 
the leap towards developing games for older adults able to play simple games.  Specific 
topics will be burn protection or falls prevention.

More proposal

Andy Lim (TIAA-CREF) 
Multi-protocol Chat Hub (browser-based) 

The goal of the project is to build a simple chatroom system model that can 
integrate with other messaging systems/protocols (Twitch, IRC Channels, 
Tweets as chat messages, etc). 

1. Build a chatroom server using NodeJS and or any other 
   language/library of choice.
2. Build a front-end to send/receive messages and view users.
3. Build a paradigm for integrating with other chat systems by researching 
   common protocols or public documentation on said system. Integrate one 
   or more chat systems.
4. Polish the UI, add more front-end features like emotes, moderators, etc.

Julian Wooten (UNC Medical School)
VINCI: Social Media for Personal Fitness

I am leading the development and launch of technology that helps to connect people 
with others and resources to support the achievement of their physical fitness goals. 
Often a person would like to go to the gym or work towards improving their physical 
fitness but they don't for a range of reasons. These include not wanting to go to 
the gym alone, moving to a new place and losing their fitness network, being unsure 
of how to perform exercises, or not knowing how to develop a fitness plan for their 
specific goals. Some people do begin but eventually give up on their fitness goals 
due to life commitments or not having a support system. This is the problem the 
technology we're developing attempts to solve. 

What we're building is an app and a companion website that would allow you to create a 
profile and list your fitness level (beginning, intermediate, advanced...and more 
information) and help connect you to others that also looking for fitness support, as well 
as to resources such a nutrition tracker, exercises for specific body parts and workout 
plans, healthy eating suggestions based on proximity, and more. This is accomplished 
through GPS technology (so something like Uber but developed for fitness).  The model for 
this also works for those that are already pretty active looking for others with whom 
they can train (e.g. runners, Tough Mudders, bikers, etc). We have included a 
"Broadcast Yourself" feature which allows users to broadcast pickup games of various 
sports, which we have demonstrated is popular especially in the 
college/university atmosphere.

We have developed the GPS platform and would like help in developing the companion 
website (e.g. nutrition tracker, profile building functionality, etc) and integrating the 
GPS technology. An app/website with the complete functionality that we are offering 
(e.g. person-to-person connection, broadcast yourself feature, real time fitness 
tracking) has never been done before so we are excited to have help in developing this 
first of it's kind technology. Our venture is called VINCI (Italian for "you win") and 
we welcome people to the team.

(R) Dr. E. Leith (Music Instructor)
Music Mastery Apps

These apps are all related to the Music Mastery method of musical instrument
instruction invented by Dr. Eric Leith.  They relate to learning pitch and timing
control, tracking practice habits, and developing a communtiy or related learners
for support.

3 Proposals

If you have an interest in these we will work up a team for one of them.

Samara Reynolds (UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School)
UBP Career Roadmap App

Project: turning our new UBP Career Roadmap (attached as a PDF: created in PPT) into 
a functional and interactive app for both UBP students (who can log-in to the 
Kenan-Flagler Intranet) and students who are interested in business at UNC but 
aren't with Kenan-Flagler (yet or at all). We designed this PPT/PDF for our students 
to bring together resources from our website(s), UCS's website, and multiple other 
UNC and external sites in one place for students. It also has guidance and step-by-step 
directions for how students should be gearing their career development pathway while 
at UNC to maximize opportunities and find their best-fit professional roles. 
We would want students to be able to navigate this app ideally by class year 
and interest area, as well as by their Kenan-Flagler student status.

Full proposal

Samara Reynolds (UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School)
Global Programs Travel Itinerary Database

Policy: all students travelling on UNC Programs are required to submit their travel 
itineraries (inc flight itinerary) to UNC's Global Travel Registry

Challenge: the current site is not easy to update and is not compatible with 
a mobile device

Need: an app that will enable students to easily enter their travel information 
to encourage use; which will enable UNC to more easily track down students 
in case of emergency.  

Contact: Andrew Hunt (at UNC Global) is the primary contact for the database. 
I have discussed this with him and asked if he is okay with us proceeding to 
develop an app that will 'feed' info to the global travel registry. 

Fields currently requested on global travel registry:
  Email Address
  Cell phone number abroad
  Status: student
  Emergency Contact Info (enter this info one time only; will autopopulate) 
    Dates of trip Destination country Nearest city Actual city 
    (if different from destination city) - can this be automatically tracked if 
    using geolocation?
  Arrival date
  Departure date
  Address at destination (i.e. hotel)
  Phone number at destination

F. Monrose, D. Stotts (UNC Comp Sci)
Bricks Lite+  

Bricks is a programming environment that supports active learning for introductory programming.
It also serves as an interface for students and instructors to view the collected body of work each
student has done over the semester.  Administrators also have a "dash board" to view class progress 
on an assignment in real time.  Students are able to request help on a problem in real time as well
and receive replies through the system.

We wish to create a verison of Bricks that will support non-programming oriented classes.
The target class for the project is Dr. Monrose's Security Lab.  Features to create include: