Calendar of Class Events

2013 Mon Wed Fri
Jan 7-Jan 11 . course overview
class background survey
Jan 14-Jan 18 axiomatic specs for ADT
ML overview
axiomatic specs for ADT
encoding axioms in ML
ADT assignment given
Web site URL due to me (email)
Jan 21-Jan 25 no class (MLK day) model checking
Clarke's original TOPLAS paper
Jan 28-Feb 1 ... using clarke's original model checker ...
Feb 4-Feb 8 model checking
requirements board 1 for project
requirements board 2 for project
user stories, CRC cards ...
Feb 11-Feb 15 ... Design: Architecture and Patterns ...
Feb 18-Feb 22 pair work Design: Architecture and Patterns (cont.)
singleton, factory, abstract factory
Feb 25-Mar 1 XP and Agile
pair programming
XP part 1
XP part 2
JUnit testing with axiomatic semantics
JUnit tutorial (with Eclipse)
due: A6
Mar 4-Mar 8 due: A7 patterns: chain, proxy, flyweight ...
Mar 11-Mar 15 spring break spring break spring break
Mar 18-Mar 22 ... adapter, facade, bridge due: A8
Mar 25-Mar 29 ... observer, mediator, decorator due: A9
Apr 1-Apr 5 strategy, template, AOP AOP due: A10
Apr 8-Apr 12 ... AOP tba
Apr 15-Apr 19 due: A11 tba tba
Apr 22-Apr 26 ... EDP (elemental design patterns) (last day of classes)
Apr 29-May 3 ... ... (exam slot) 12 noon, in-class design presentations