one person, one vote (security, verification, data integrity)

deadline? voting period durations and boundaries

electorate: who is eligible?
  will the system do registrations, or use some pre-made DB?



tallying -- vote totals, summary stats


performance: many requests per min
redundancy: long MTF

recoverability: no data loss on failure

verifiability: paper trail, trust

accessibility: what if a voter has a disability?
  what if voter has no computer, phone, internet?


people: user, voter, candidate, admins

what happens if election structure changes (candidate quits/dies)

management -- assign tasks, give privs
  who can "build" an election?


"kinds" of elections

ballot items: people, issues, referenda, 
  write ins?

tallying is it 50% + 1? is it 3/5 majority?  is it largest plurality wins?
  does one person win, or maybe top 3?

  rules that govern the election... 
     how are tallies done, how are win/loss decisions made

  can one person cast many votes and allocate them to candidates/issues?
  party votes?

what about loss of a ballot in progress if net outage happens?
  how is it recovered?

do we get real time feedback about election results/progress?
can we "unvote" ?
can we half-vote?  work on a ballot, the come back later get the
  partial work and keep on?

can I change my vote if the election is not over?

is there anything we can do about coercion?