Daistish: Systematic Testing for OOPLs using ADT Axioms

Source code distribution

Daistish comprises a perl script and a user manual.
We are making it available free of charge for non-commercial use.

To arrange for commercial use, please contact David Stotts.

Example: Class Bounded Set (of int)

How the system works

Daistish allows software developers to specify their classes as abstract data types, using the algebraic notation developed by Guttag. It implements further refinements of the testing methods in Gannon's DAISTS system.

When implementation of a class hierarchy is complete, the user must specify some objects (data points) of the types being tested. Daistish will generate appropriate tests to exercise the methods of the class on the given data objects. Correctness of execution is determined using the axioms (specs).

The general concepts behind Daistish can be found in our ISSTA '96 paper.

for more information: David Stotts, CS Dept., Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill