Brief Overview

This is a brief overview of the wonderfulness that is Danish, based on the C++ tester
Daistish. Since the project is based on an existing program, the main design stage was done for us, and due to the linearity of the progtam and relatively small amount of user interaction, the concept of independant modules is hazy at best.

Danish is a Perl script, which outputs a Java program which will test a given ADT using a set of axia provided by the user. The axia are contained in one or more files, and are parsed with the help of two additional user-provided files, one which contains a list of method signatures, and one which contains a set of aliases. These files are better described in the User Manual.

The front-end to Danish is a CGI Perl script which allows the user to specify the identities of the various files, runs Danish using those files, compiles the resulting Java class, and runs the black-box tests. If all goes well, the output is posted to the web page. If all does not go well, the error messages are displayed.

About this Technical Manual

The manual is broken up into two main sections, corresponding to the two main modules of the Danish system - the user interface and the code generator. In addition, the integration and data-flow diagrams, testing plan, and design analysis are included.

All in all, this is a very straight-forward system. Because it is so linear, making changes to one part of the code will not usually affect any other parts. The purpose of this technical manual, then, is mainly to describe what sections do what work, to facilitate maintenance and improvements.

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Created 04/06/98 by Tim Preston
Revised 04/29/98