Brief Overview

Java Tester provides a systematic way to verify your classes written in the Java programming language. By supplying a few simple files to guide Java Tester, you can perform a suite of tests to determine the correctness of your code.

The user defines the expected behavior (axia) of the input class, provides files describing the methods and variables in the input class (signatures and alii), and gives sample input data (vectors). In return, Java Tester builds a program that will test the Java class against the described behavior, and report whether the class met the given criteria.

This tool is based on the C++ tester Daistish, and since federal law requires that anything associated with Java have some coffee-related name, the tool has been called Danish.

About this User Manual

This manual is designed to be a guide to the Java Tester tool and expects the reader to already be familiar with the Java language. If you have not programmed Java before, try this tutorial first.

To use Java Tester, you must understand how to use abstract data types to define the behavior of your program. This manual does not assume you already have this knowledge, and provides a section describing abstract data types. The manual will also teach you what files Java Tester needs and how to create those files.

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Created 02/11/98 by knight
Revised 4/28/98