User Interface

We found and corrected a problem with the user interface script: The program was assuming UNIX directory paths (with '/'), but the user should be able to run Java Tester from any machine. We modified the program to also look for '\' directory paths. This aspect has yet to be tested.

All hard-coded directory path names have been changed to program variables, to allow easier maintenance and/or transport of the system. This way, the programmer can set all directories in one place.

The output to the user interface has been cleaned up. The 'verbose' option now works fully. The input file names are only displayed in long report format, and all 'failed' axiom lines are displayed in red. We would still like to add some HTML links within the results, to make it easier for the user to get to the summary. This will be added only if time permits.

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Created 4/13/98 by knight.