User Manual

The first half of this week was devoted to completing the first draft of the user manual. Each member was assigned a few sections to write. During the process of writing the sections, it became apparent that there were other areas that will need to be addressed in the manual. For instance, it will be helpful to have a section describing the output of the program, and a section interpreting the results and/or error messages. More information about the installation of the program and the GUI will need to be added as we finalize our design decisions.

Technical Issues

We are continuing to learn Java and the Java programming environment, and we have begun translating the code produced by Daistish from C to C++. Much of the preliminary design is completed, and the programming work is underway.

A basic GUI was designed, just to have an example in the manual. We are still discussing the possibility of having a Java GUI instead of an HTML form.

We also considered changing the format of the signature files to make them look more like object-oriented code. Or actually parsing the class file to find the signatures automatically. It was decided that, given our lack of experience with Java, we should try to accomplish the simplest version of the program first, then go back and improve the program as time permits.

Group Dynamics

We experienced some difficulties with individual members fulfilling their responsibilities. How do you handle a team member than does not respect deadlines?

Some members are taking on significantly more work than others. We need to find a way to distribute the work, and get every member more involved.

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