Technical Manual

We developed an outline for the technical manual and started writing most of the sections. The version due this Thursday will not be the final version because there are still several changes to be made in the programs.

Integration Testing

Things definitely started to come together this week. We have a simple version of the program working, and it can be run from the user interface. We still need to allow import files, but the other primary program functions appear to be in working order. So far, we have only tested with the BSet class and two sets of axioms (one "correct", one "incorrect"). We probably have enough to keep us busy for the rest of the semester without actually getting around to any of the "wishful thinking" features discussed earlier in the semester.

To Do...

We still need to finish the technical manual, revise the user manual, and do more extensive program testing. We also want to clean up the output of the user interface to make it more attractive. Possible improvements include adding links to jump to different sections of the output, and allowing the user to turn the HTML part of the output off (in case they want to print the results without any other clutter). Also, we need to modify the user interface program to make it easier to maintain. For example, all of the directory paths are hard-coded to meet our current situation. These should be made into variables that can be changed in one place, to make maintenance easier.
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