Vendor links for optical sectioning microscopy tools

Biovision technologies, Inc ( provides 2D and 3D software deconvolution packages, along with digital imaging hardware (cameras, motorized drives) systems. They also resell Roper Scientific and other cameras (some firewire).

Autoquant imaging, Inc ( provides 2D and 3D software deconvolution packages and a "visualization" tool that lets you rotate around 3D views.

VayTek, Inc ( provides microscopes and peripherals, stage control software, 3D visualization software, and deconvolution algorithms. They have a page listing comparisons with those they see as competitors for the deconvolution at

Scanalytics, Inc ( provides software to control cameras and a set of analysis software that includes deconvolution software.

ScienceGL ( provides a number of visualization tools in 2D and 3D, including visualization tools for the display of confocal microscope images.